Follow your bliss

My Story 

Ever since I can remember I was longing to decipher the world around me.
My little micro cosmos couldn`t be all there was to existence - there was a connectedness much bigger than that.
Early on, this led to a rebellious and confrontational teenage and adulthood.
I wanted to break free of conventional patterns and live life freely, consciously and responsibly with regard to the bigger picture. I wanted to make a difference.
After studying anthropology and living abroad for most of my twenties I started to realize that my place for making a contribution wasn`t in politics or anthropology.
This is when Yoga came into my life.
When I started to incorporate a daily practice into my routine, Yoga changed me profoundly.
It clarified my path, it gave me focus and it made me a gentler and more content human being.
I softened where I had been hard and found motivation where there had been desillusion.
To me, this is the magic of Yoga.
By clearing away whatever prevents us from living in our most full and whole way, we reconnect to our innermost blissful state, become tuned in with ourselves and the world around us, and begin to live life accordingly.

To witness the effects of yoga in my students
and fellow practicioners is a blessing and sharing
this incredible practice my calling.

♡ Baby Pause ♡

I am currently on maternity leave and only teaching private classes and selected substitutes. Stay tuned for when I return to my full schedule by signing up for my newsletter or following me on my blog, Instagram or facebook. I'm looking forward to seeing you again on the mat.

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